Jackson ProSource recruits nationwide for degreed, experienced candidates. 

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"Ley Jackson, is simply (if not the best), one of the best recruiters I've ever known throughout my career (20+ Years).
Ley will LISTEN to your needs, or questions. Ley will walk you through every step of the process, and keep you informed of any developments. She will get back to you, and answer your phone calls or any questions you may have with real honesty.
Not only that, she will help you in any way possible in your quest for a better opportunity and life (including dealing with changes, moving to another part of the country, finding a house or apartment, etc.).
But most importantly, Ley will prepare you for your interview with high professionalism, providing you with very important guidance, materials and/or insights for you to do your best in your Interview Process.

Ley Jackson is simply one of the Best of the Best!

Juan G.

​CQA, QMS, Regulatory Compliance

Many of the candidates we work with have been personal referrals from other candidates....a testimony to their satisfaction.  We never submit your resume to a company without your approval.  You go into an interview fully prepared, and we always provide feedback and follow-up.


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